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Psychological services

Our range of services include Psychological services with an emphasis on men’s psychological health. Our Men’s Psychology Clinic has developed conceptual models of men’s psychological health from the perspective of acculturated masculinity and dysfunctional reward (or secondary gain) for risk-taking. These models provide an excellent starting point for examining unhealthy behaviours and for considering men’s relationships.

Values Based Parenting©

Our Values Based Parenting© program for parents is a very thorough program supporting parents first clarify and then reinforce the particular specific family values they want applied in their family, and subsequently shape their children’s behaviour to reflect their family’s values. The Values Based Parenting program uses a step by step process for slowly developing and guiding your children’s knowledge of your family values. Find out more ...

Mediation service

Our Mediation service providers are generally psychologists, or providers of another professional service e.g. teaching. Walsh and Associates have conducted many Family Assessments for the Family Court and while our Mefa-spinnerdiation services can be applied to any party-to-party conflict (e.g. between neighbours, two different companies etc), we bring our specific range of skills, experience and knowledge of family issues to relationship mediation when a relationship has ended will, will end or parties are trying to prevent the relationship ending.