Mediation – When

mediation_manWhen do you need a mediator ?

Disputes occur between many people such as work colleagues, neighbours, husband and wife, between parents and children (especially teenagers) and so on. Quite often communication between the two people (or the two parties, as they are often referred to) breaks down, especially if one party takes legal action against the other party. This is particularly sad if the people had a good relationship until their disagreement.

The end result of taking legal action is attending court and having the matter decided by the court.  The person initiating legal proceedings will almost always suffer considerable emotional discomfort because of the persistent uncertainty that they may lose the case and then have to pay for the other side’s legal costs, plus their own legal costs as well as any penalty imposed by the court !  Not a good outcome.

Mediation is a cost effective alternative to poor communication, conflict, high legal costs and legal action.

Mediation is designed to:

  •  Establish the most flexible and co-operative approach by both parties;
  • Restore the flow of communication and exchange of information between the parties as much as possible;
  • Save you money and reduce both disruption, unnecessary conflict and emotional upset;
  • Generate a lasting outcome that is acceptable to both parties.


Mediation is a very cost effective and reliable alternative to legal action to settle a dispute: if Mediation does not work, then legal action is still an option.